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December 5, 2016
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March 14, 2017

I thought you backed it up!

It’s happened to just about everyone (including me!!) You wake to up find your website is gone. What would you do if that happened? Are you ready to handle it? Do you have a backup? Would you know how to rebuild your site? Would you have all the files to even figure out how to do so?

And before you tell me but I have automatic backups, I am going to tell you that they RARELY every work to restore your website fully AND if you are backing up your website to your website server, what happens if your whole website server disappeared? Would you have a local copy? Get one here if you don’t!

I’m betting most of you don’t and haven’t thought about it. Just this year, I restored my own site once and a few of my clients have had major outtages from their hosts. I’ve had to restore a few already.

I’ve seen hosts as big as GoDaddy just make websites “accidentally” disappear. We don’t know where it is.

Oops sorry.

So, really it’s up to you to protect your business assets, and they are your assets. For most businesses, a website is a major driver of business and is your visual marketing card online. You could have dozens of blog posts and pictures and all sorts of things!

And it could be ALL GONE in just an instant. I don’t tell you this to make you scared but to make you plan ahead and be prepared for when it happens. Click here if you want to help with this!

Monthly to quarterly backs are recommended at a minimum and just doing the basic WP export isn’t enough.

If you are ready for peace of mind, click here. We’ve got you covered and not only will you have a full back up in your files and for extra measure, we’ll keep a copy for you too.

Even if you like to do it yourself, it’s worth it to have an expert backup of your website on hand. You might not need it right now, but one day, I GUARANTEE you will. Technology is not perfect!

So, click here if you’d like some support on getting your website backed up. And get that peace of mind today knowing your files and business assets are safe!

To your peace of mind,

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