Meet Andrea Freygang Owner of Spiritual Sites & AstroBiz 

The mission at SpiritualSites is clear: to empower spiritually-minded entrepreneurs with the tools & insights needed to thrive in business, whether it's through astrological guidance, intuitive coaching, technological expertise or marketing strategy.
Andrea Freygang masterfully bridges the realms of spirituality and business. From her early days, she was drawn to the spiritual world, evolving over the past 25 years into a skilled tarot card reader and medical intuitive. As an interdimensional soul guide and anchor, Andrea's profound ability to perceive deeply into individuals enhances her business coaching. She integrates intuition, astrology, tarot, and a myriad of spiritual gifts and tools cultivated throughout her personal journey.
With over two decades in professional marketing and business, Andrea's consulting approach stands out. She dives into her vast intuitive reservoir to reveal hidden business opportunities and decode the energetic dynamics shaping one's entrepreneurial trajectory. This synergy of business experience and astrological expertise equips her to provide transformative coaching, aligning clients' business goals with their natural celestial inclinations.
After working with hundreds of businesses on marketing, design and communications strategy, she has now seamlessly integrated her passions. She's dedicated to guiding spiritual entrepreneurs through the complexities of digital technology and online (and offline!!) marketing. Together with her team at Spiritual Sites, they passionately support the growth of spiritually-driven businesses.