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March 14, 2017
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July 2, 2019
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Intuitive Business Readings and Consultations


Years of marketing and business coaching experience is finally merging with my intuitive gifts. After 20+ years of intuitive, spot-on card readings privately, I am now offering intuitive business readings where we discuss your business goals intuitively to find the best action steps for you to take. Every reading will give you homework to do in order to jump start your business goals.

Tarot paired with experience and intuition is a fantastic way to leverage your next steps in your business and create an action plan.

Each session is 2 hours and can be recorded on Zoom.

About Me:
Andrea Freygang has over 20 years of media, web, Internet marketing, design and development experience as well as 20+ years of private card readings. In addition to having published over 15,000 articles, Mrs. Freygang has coded hundreds of WordPress websites and excels at supporting businesses in managing their technology, email marketing, social media and overseeing brand management, marketing and design processes. In 2016, Mrs. Freygang began specializing in working with spiritual entrepreneurs as a way to answer her call to work more heavily in the spiritual realm, however she is taking that work even further with intuitive business readings. After 20 years of readings in private, she is adding it as a service to aid her clients to better serve and grow their businesses.

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