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January 19, 2023
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June 1, 2023
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AstroBiz Coaching Session


You know astrology influences everything – but did you know it can influence how you show up in business? Our AstroBiz Coaching Session combines the power of astrology with expert business coaching to help you align your natural energy with your entrepreneurial goals. Astrology is your cheat sheet and the codes to empowering your business by operating from your native design. When you were born, the stars met in a specific alignment that holds your unique coding, including the keys to your business.

During this transformative session, our experienced astrologer and business coach will dive deep into the cosmic blueprint of your birth chart, revealing valuable insights about your unique strengths, challenges, and untapped potential in business. By merging this astrological wisdom with proven business strategies, we’ll create a roadmap tailored specifically to your cosmic energy, empowering you to manifest success and abundance in your entrepreneurial journey.

Note: All information shared during the session is strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of guiding your business growth. Harness the celestial energies and embark on a journey towards cosmic success. Book your AstroBiz Coaching Session today and manifest your entrepreneurial dreams!

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In addition to a one-hour personal session discussing your astrology chart you will get: 

Personalized Birth Chart Analysis: Unlock your cosmic potential with this unique offering. It’s more than just a coaching session – it’s a journey into the heart of your astrological identity, designed to align your business strategy with the cosmos.  Gain a comprehensive understanding of your astrological profile, including your sun, moon, and rising signs, planetary placements, and unique cosmic aspects. Discover how these celestial influences shape your entrepreneurial mindset and decision-making process.

You will get a personalized, written document for you to keep and consult back. This custom document is typically four pages of custom insights written just for you. This document includes the following: 

Astrological Analysis: We delve into your astrological chart, identifying your strengths and gaps. We highlight significant placements of note that could be influencing your business decisions and outcomes.

Marketing Strategies: We develop key marketing strategies tailored to your astrological profile. These strategies leverage your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses, helping you navigate the business landscape with confidence and clarity.

Significant Transits: We discuss key astrological events that you can leverage for business success or be aware of to avoid potential pitfalls.

Homework Assignments: We believe in the power of continuous learning and growth, so you’ll always have assignments to help you deepen your understanding and apply what you’ve learned.

Join us for an AstroBiz Coaching Session and let the cosmos guide your business to success. It’s time to align your business with the stars and unlock your cosmic potential. During the session we may add to your written document.

Ongoing coaching support available for a fee!