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May 13, 2017
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Top Five Marketing Strategies for Water Signs
January 25, 2023

So I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Instagram, and, while I am not a proclaimed expert on this platform, I thought I would highlight a few key tips to help you be successful on Instagram. I have been building up a following pretty steadily and have direct leads and optins daily from my marketing on Instagram. It’s rarely this rocket ship of growth. So please keep expectations realistic. Some people skyrocket on social media, yes, but for the majority of small businesses, it’s about the consistency and authenticity of your brand.

First off, if you are selling a product or service, make sure you link your website or use a service like LinkTree so that you share multiple links. Instagram only allows one link in your profile and zero links in posts so company’s have found a way around that by using services like LinkTree to display multiple links. If you add a new post to Instagram that has a link, add the link to your profile via LinkTree to leverage your real estate. There are other similar programs to it like https://linkinprofile.com/ that have other features like automatically pulling the links from your Instagram posts into a feed but the LinkTree is free so it’s a great place to start.

Second, find visuals. Products, moments, quotes, sunsets, and post. Post often. Go live. Right now, Instagram is loving live so they are sending out push notifications when people go live. Take advantage of how popular Live is and talk to your audience. But get visual and share your world. Raw. Authentic. Creative. Have fun with it.

Third, Share other people’s content that are in similar but non-competitive work. If you are a life coach, partner with a business coach or a health and wellness coach. If you are a business coach find marketers to cross promote with and share, like and engage in other content.Repost App is a great app for this.

Fourth, spend time engaging with people. In real time. Don’t hire a bot. Bots have their purpose but to make real connections, they need to talk to you. Let people know you are there and comment, like and show your love.

Fifth, don’t forget those hashtags. Here are a few links to help you with #hashtags! Put the hashtags in your post and use at least five per post. This is how people find content on Instagram so people searching for things can find you. Don’t just use the ones with hundreds of thousands of posts. Find some that are niche based. If you are a local business, based in a physical location, absolutely, always put your location, every time you can.


What has worked for you on Instagram? Share your account below so we can connect. You can find me here at @SpiritualSites.

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