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May 4, 2017
BeTheme Documentation & How Tos
May 13, 2017

Templates. Lots and lots of templates. It’s easy to keep creating when you have a system of templates setup and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you are heavy into online marketing, or trying to be, then creating templates and systems as you go along makes things soooooo much easier. That way, when you laumch something new, you aren’t re-inventing the wheel every single time you start. You will not only reduce your launch stress, but you will save time and money! Hello life.

So, for all my clients, I create the following templates when I work with them that can get reused over and over again.

  1. Free gift optin – you know this page. If you create lots of content and freebies, you should be updating a new gift quarterly but that doesn’t mean you need to re-create the system every time!!! So templatize your optin page, your thank you page and your follow up welcome email. Create a template for your optin covers and what content must be included in every gift such as calls to action, links to social media and upsells.
  2. Landing page. Keep it simple and create a page you can duplicate and edit images/copy for.
  3. Social media graphics. Spontaneity and inspiration are good but create a quote template or two you can use over and over again on the fly.
  4. Letterheads. No reason to redo this every time plus consistency breeds trust.
  5. Event flyers. If you are regularly hosting the same types of events, make a flyer template and update the copy and a picture maybe.

We can always get creative and make new graphics but businesses need templates and systems to save time and money. Over the last 15 years as a web/graphic designer and marketer, I have learned that templates makes everything easier and faster along with automation. Recently, having templates allowed me to set up an entire email funnel in under two hours, content not included of course. But all the tech, copy, images were laid out quickly and efficiently because I had a system and a template versus reinventing the wheel and going through a major design and editing process for every project.

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