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Taking headshots for your website? Consider these tips:

1. Make sure the photographer knows to provide you the raw original unedited photos so that your web person can manage as appropriate for their needs.
2. No cut off body parts. This is the WORST. I don’t want ot see the tip of your head cut off or parts of your elbow cut off. That just usually makes you look weird on the web page floating in space.
3. Think about your brand colors and what color your website will be and dress accordingly. Color coordinate and if you don’t know how, ask your graphic designer or a fashion stylist.
4. Get full length body shots – your brand image is important and if you are spending the $$$ to take good photos, get it all!
5. Filters and editing can be fun, but really set these photos up to need minimal editing. Leave the filters for Snapchat and Instagram but keep your website photos clean and matching your brand.
6. Professional photography goes a looooong way. The crappy picture of you at the bar is not what should be on the website (I had one client sent me a photo of her half trashed at a party and she was an attorney!!!! No longer my client but this is a no-no!) I can recommend ones across the country to use if you need.
7. Have fun with the photos and smile a lot please!!!
8. Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. Indoors are great for setup shots but get outside for much better lighting!
9. Go wide. And vertical. Take shots in a variety of angles and make sure you have some wide shots with background and vertical shots as well .Many websites are full-width but most social media is vertical!!!
10. Of course, you want to have a couple of the standard headshots for different purposes. But go on location. It’s so much fun!
11. (because I like 11) Ask your web designer if they have any special requests in mind for photography – you might be surprised what they ask for to create you a beautiful site!


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