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August 22, 2023
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To highlight an example of how an astrology chart plays out in your professional business life, I’ve pulled my own astrology chart and some highlights to review.

First, let’s start with the Sun in Gemini which deeply signifies communication at it’s deepest level.

With the sun in the 11th house, hovering into the 12th house, it is deep communication and almost always involves the community.

My Mercury is also in Gemini which is it’s native placement which further enhances the communication piece and the putting truth to words because if your Sun is conjunct your Mercury you speak powerfully through the methods natural to that sign.

In my case, I’ve been a photographer, community journalist, marketer for much of my life even in grade school, working on yearbooks and newspapers. I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients on communications through marketing over the last 20 years.

My sun and Mercury are also Conjunct Jupiter in Gemini on the 11th house which expands everything and is the planet of luck, and means that I best utilize my skills when I’m involved with my community in some way using communication.

When you pair this with my heavy tenth house of career ruled by Aries and powered by the placements of Venus, Mars and Chiron in Taurus, I have to overcome my self worth wounds and inability to feel embodied easily in order to find financial success through my work in communications with the community. The Aries moon also in my tenth keeps me motivated and moving towards my business goals. With this emphasis you can see I was astrologically born to work with my community in business and communications.

With the Sun bordering the 12th house (and is a 12th house sun in some astrology systems), it adds a deeply intuitive aspect to my communication.

However, my north node in Libra means I am currently going against the collective north node to Aries (nodes changed on July 17 2023 and change every 18 months because I’ve already been there so I’m going to have to deeply surrender to following my own true north against the grain over the next 18 months.

With my south node also conjunct my moon, I’m emotionally comfortable with where the collective is moving over the next 18 months because I’ve been there before and can help on other’s journeys even as I pivot differently.

The collective is getting comfortable with their sense of “I am” while the north node in Libra is relationship and community building ({see a theme there?).

These are just a few highlights that show up in an astrology chart from an entrepreneurial perspective and there are many unique aspects to consider when looking at an astrology chart.

If you would like to have your chart read from an entrepreneurial perspective with a private session and a custom four page minimum document, including strengths, gaps, weaknesses, targeted marketing strategies based on your unique chart, an overview of transits that are specifically aligned to your chart, homework and next steps to support business growth along with personalized intuitive spiritually-minded business coaching, schedule an AstroBiz coaching session with me.

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