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Mercury Retrograde is often associated with communication and technology challenges, which can make people hesitant to launch a business or new product during this period. My personal experience is that it is more about things you’ve left undone and a chance to revisit all the details. Mercury is about communication and details and its influence is dependent too, on what sign it is in. As a native Mercurial with four placements in Gemini, this energy feels at home for me as long as Mercury isn’t in Pisces (my chart has no Pisces so I feel it differently!!). This energy is details, communication, get it done, get it organized, check it twice. It’s communication. It’s revisiting details.

So, why I would launch during Mercury Retrograde?

Why not – it’s a great time to revisit all the details you planned and make sure they are lined up before you launch. It’s like a cosmic eye on your business during this time – if you choose to apply the energies of the transit.

This is especially so during Mercury Retrograde in Virgo because your details will be on point and so will your communication and ability to process details. Shit will get done because Virgo is very detail oriented – this is why they make fantastic editors! Also, Mercury is at home in Virgo (it rules both Virgo and Gemini) so it’s going to make sure you keep your details on point and your communications clearer (unless of course your own chart has major aspects to the Retrograde that need to be personally considered).

Some key reasons why we should launch a business or product during Mercury Retrograde:

Attention and Differentiation: During Mercury Retrograde, people may be more cautious and less likely to launch new ventures. By going against the trend and launching your business during this time, you can potentially capture more attention and stand out from the crowd.

Reflective Planning: Mercury Retrograde is a time for reflection, review, and reassessment. It provides an opportunity to carefully plan and strategize your business launch, ensuring that you have considered all aspects and potential challenges. Use this time to refine your ideas, business model, and marketing strategies.

Attention to Detail: Mercury Retrograde encourages you to be more meticulous and pay attention to the finer details. This can benefit your business launch as you may catch potential errors or oversights that you might have missed during a more hurried period. By launching with a well-thought-out and detailed approach, you can set a strong foundation for your business. The slower pace is beneficial for paying attention to small details. It gives you the opportunity to double-check your work, review contracts, fine-tune marketing materials, and ensure everything is in order before introducing your business or new product to the public.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Mercury Retrograde can bring unexpected changes and disruptions. By launching during this period, you are testing your adaptability and flexibility as a business owner. Successfully navigating challenges during a Mercury Retrograde launch can demonstrate your resilience and ability to handle unforeseen circumstances, which are valuable skills for running a business.

Reconnecting and Rebuilding Relationships: Retrograde periods are conducive to reconnecting with old contacts and rebuilding relationships. Use this time to reach out to previous clients, partners, or colleagues who could support your business launch. Rekindling connections can potentially lead to valuable opportunities and partnerships.

Soft Launch or Beta Testing: Instead of a full-scale launch, consider utilizing the Mercury Retrograde period for a soft launch or beta testing phase. This allows you to gather feedback, identify any issues or glitches, and make necessary improvements before a broader public release. Revise, revisit, review. All those retrograde words!!!

Learning Opportunities: Launching during Mercury Retrograde can be a valuable learning experience. It allows you to identify potential weaknesses or areas for improvement early on and adjust your strategies accordingly. By embracing the challenges and learning from them, you can grow and strengthen your business over time, and much more efficiently with astrological insights.

Strategic Marketing and Communication: With many highlight the potential for miscommunication during Mercury Retrograde, it’s really more about the pause, the review. Make sure you review all your materials and that you have an extra eye on everything.

It’s crucial to be mindful of your messaging and ensure clarity in your marketing efforts any time you launch – Mercury in Retrograde is just a time for extra scrutiny which is a GOOD THING. Take extra time to plan and craft your communication strategies, addressing potential concerns or misconceptions proactively.

Ultimately, the decision to launch during Mercury Retrograde should be based on a careful assessment of your specific business circumstances, industry, and personal beliefs – and remember your beliefs are very powerful things so shift the belief that Mercury in Retrograde isa bad thing. While some might avoid it, others may find value in the unique opportunities that this period presents. It’s up to you to look at your business needs, your personal chart and the transits to determine what is best for you. If you need help with this, feel free to contact AstroBiz and use our years of astrology and business experience to your advantage.

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