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Strengths of Rising Sign
Strengths of Rising Sign
October 11, 2023
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Why Mercury Retrograde is Actually a Good Time to Do a Business Launch
October 11, 2023


Here are some suggested career paths that align with the communication style associated with each Mercury sign:


Mercury in Aries: Best jobs may include entrepreneur, salesperson, motivational speaker, project manager, or any role that involves initiating new ideas and taking charge.


Mercury in Taurus: Best jobs may include financial analyst, accountant, researcher, consultant, or any role that requires attention to detail, reliability, and a methodical approach.


Mercury in Gemini: Best jobs may include journalist, writer, public speaker, teacher, marketing professional, or any role that involves communication, networking, and multitasking.


Mercury in Cancer: Best jobs may include counselor, therapist, social worker, human resources professional, or any role that involves empathetic communication, teamwork, and emotional support.


Mercury in Leo: Best jobs may include actor, public relations specialist, event planner, team leader, or any role that requires confident and persuasive communication, presentation skills, and leadership abilities.


Mercury in Virgo: Best jobs may include researcher, data analyst, editor, administrative assistant, or any role that requires meticulous attention to detail, organization, and analytical thinking.


Mercury in Libra: Best jobs may include mediator, diplomat, lawyer, negotiator, customer service representative, or any role that involves diplomacy, conflict resolution, and maintaining harmonious relationships.


Mercury in Scorpio: Best jobs may include detective, psychologist, researcher, strategist, or any role that requires deep analysis, investigative skills, and the ability to uncover hidden information.


Mercury in Sagittarius: Best jobs may include travel writer, philosopher, professor, consultant, or any role that involves exploring new ideas, cultural exchange, and sharing knowledge.


Mercury in Capricorn: Best jobs may include executive, manager, financial planner, strategist, or any role that requires professionalism, goal-oriented communication, and strategic thinking.


Mercury in Aquarius: Best jobs may include inventor, scientist, social activist, technology expert, or any role that involves innovative thinking, problem-solving, and communicating ideas for societal change.


Mercury in Pisces: Best jobs may include artist, musician, therapist, spiritual advisor, or any role that involves intuitive communication, creativity, and connecting with others on a deeper level.


These career suggestions are based on the general communication styles associated with each Mercury sign. It’s important to consider other aspects of your birth chart, personal interests, skills, and experiences when determining the best career fit for you.

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