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September 21, 2023
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I’m getting ready to launch a live class on using AI to accelerate content development and email marketing and selected dates based on astrology to help ensure ease and flow in the launch.
First, looking at my personal chart, with a full moon in Aries on September 29, I can fully leverage that energy of my personal natal moon in Aries. I also have a south node in Aries, so this is my comfort zone.
It’s personally and collectively a time to start new things as Aries is an initiator – they are the first sign in the zodiac. The collective north node is in Aries, moving towards my comfort zone!
With my north node in Libra, and the sun in Libra plus a solar eclipse AND a new moon in Libra on Oct 14, leveraging that energy will be critical to the success since new moons are also for new beginnings. Oct 12 is the date I selected for the first class of a two part series to leverage this energy.
So not only did I incorporate the Libra energy into my timing but I also partnered with someone else to teach parts of the class. Part of Libra is partnership and collaboration, so by utilizing the energy of partnership from my north node, it helps ensure success.
The Sun will be conjunct the moon as well as Mercury in Libra, creating a calm balanced environment perfect for teaching a new class. Oct 12 starts with the moon in Virgo which is great for organization and transitions into Libra for a polished, balanced, beautiful look so all will be at ease in alignment. This also ensures no solar eclipse hangovers from anyone!! LOL
All this energy is also trine my four Gemini placements including my Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, the planet of luck.
Mars also enters Scorpio on October 12 meaning that deep dives in topics are favorable as well. Venus will be in Leo and direct, so she’s ready to show up and shine and sextiles all the air energy.
I chose the date for the second class as November 2 which has a lot of mellow water trines which means it’s an easy flow day in alignment with my Cancer rising. The bulk of the class will be taught in partnership during Libra season which best utilizes my personal chart along with the collective energy.
Choosing a launch date can always be tough, but using astrology can help you find dates that best align with your soul blueprint.
Here are some tips on how to approach selecting auspicious dates for a business launch.
1. Consider favorable planetary aspects: Look for dates when key planets, such as the Sun, Moon, and benefic planets (such as Jupiter and Venus), form harmonious aspects with each other. Positive aspects, such as conjunctions, trines, and sextiles, are generally considered auspicious for new beginnings and ventures.
2. Utilize the power of the New Moon: The New Moon phase represents fresh starts and new beginnings. Choosing a date close to the New Moon can symbolize the birth of your business. Ensure that the Moon is well-aspected during this phase, indicating harmony and support for your venture.
3. Avoid challenging planetary configurations: Try to avoid dates when malefic planets (such as Saturn or Mars) form challenging aspects, such as squares or oppositions. These configurations may bring obstacles, delays, or conflicts, which might not be ideal for a business launch.
4. Consider your astrological sign and its ruling planet: If you have a specific zodiac sign that is dominant in your business chart (e.g., the Sun or Ascendant sign), you may choose a date when the ruling planet of that sign is strong or well-aspected. This can align the energies of your business launch with the ruling planet’s positive attributes.
5. Personalize the timing: Consider your own birth chart and the charts of key individuals involved in the business. Selecting a date that aligns with positive aspects or transits in your own chart can enhance the potential for success.
Happy to answer question and comments below about my process or what personal days would you get for you for different things.

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