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May 1, 2023
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August 29, 2023
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Monthly Marketing & Business Coaching


Introducing our exclusive Monthly Coaching and Brain Picking Support package designed for visionary entrepreneurs like you. Are you ready to elevate your brand, boost your online presence, and tap into the full potential of your business? Look no further! With over 20 years of extensive experience in marketing, design, web design, and content development with hundreds of busiensses, our team led by Andrea Freygang is here to guide you towards unparalleled success.

This package offers you the opportunity to work closely with a seasoned professional who has thrived in diverse tech, small business and marketing roles throughout her career. By investing just $500 a month, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge and expertise, providing unparallel support and guidance.

Whether you’re a spiritual entrepreneur seeking to align your brand with your values or an ambitious individual venturing into the business world, our coaching and brain picking support is tailored to suit your needs. We believe that true success comes from aligning your business with your higher purpose, and we will help you navigate this unique journey.

During your monthly coaching sessions, our experienced professional will act as your strategic partner, offering invaluable guidance and insights. They will help you develop effective marketing strategies, create compelling designs, optimize your web presence, and craft engaging content that resonates with your target audience. With their extensive knowledge, you’ll gain a fresh perspective and unlock innovative ideas to take your brand and marketing to new heights. In addition, we understand navigating business registrations and filing taxes as much as the creative side and can provide comprehensive insight and guidance.

What sets our Monthly Coaching and Brain Picking Support apart is its holistic approach. While our focus is on marketing and design, we recognize that entrepreneurship is a multifaceted endeavor. Therefore, I will provide support beyond the traditional boundaries, helping you cultivate a resilient mindset, foster creativity, and manage the inevitable challenges that arise in your journey. We understand being an entrepreneur, especially a spiritual one, can be a challenge, and we understand your skills and your audience. Unlike other coaches, we specialize in spiritual entrepreneurs and have walked this unusual path our whole lives.

Remember, this package is not limited to spiritual entrepreneurs. We welcome anyone who seeks transformative growth, whether you’re an individual just starting out or a seasoned business owner seeking a fresh perspective. By joining our coaching program, you become part of a thriving community, connecting with like-minded individuals who are also on a path of growth and self-discovery. In addition to spiritual support and accountability, this package allows you two one hour calls one on one in addition to unlimited questions via WhatsApp between 10 am and 1pm Monday – Thursday. It is recommended you start with an AstroBiz coaching session so that your monthly ongoing support is wrapped around your goals we mapped out, albeit with flexibility.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to work closely with a 20-year experienced marketing, design, web design, and content development expert. With our Monthly Coaching and Brain Picking Support, priced at just $500 a month, you’ll receive personalized guidance, tailored strategies, and unwavering support to accelerate your business journey.

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