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Technology isn’t perfect but saying thank you always is

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May 18, 2017
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I have spent most of my life surrounded in technology and can troubleshoot just about any average tech issue on a computer, phone or website these days. (Something about being on computers since I was six………) but that doesn’t mean shit still doesn’t go wrong. Just because I know how to fix issues doesn’t mean they are always preventable. I’m always grateful for the skill even when it’s 2am and a whole website has crashed on me. (Yep, it happens and it sucks!).

For the last year or so, all my clients I have started implementing custom thank you pages on a per product basis if you have the WooCommerce shopping cart on your website. Many of my clients use this free WordPress software to sell products, both physical and digital. It’s extensible, setup isn’t terribly difficult and you can be in business almost instantly via PayPal or Stripe as the payment gateway.

The reason I mention this is because just last week this thank you plugin went BYE BYE. The developer shut down their website and any integration with their website went kaputz and multiple clients had a site without thank you pages ready to go.

And I loooooove thank you pages. Why? Why should we send them to a generic thank you for your order when we can create beautiful customized thank you messages, invite them to join you on social media, to watch a video, to (gasp) buy a related product or sign up for something. It’s an opportunity to not only continue the conversation but a beautiful place to thank your customers for supporting you and show them other ways to continue to connect with you.

With thank you pages down, we had to quickly find a solution and swap out, because to me, gratitude is an important part of the customer process. After some research, I found this plugin here  (Full disclosure it’s an affiliate link!) and voila!!! We were able to set a default thank you pages and set custom thank you pages for all their WooCommerce products.

This is a nifty little plugin that should be required for all WooCommerce shops so that you can elevate the customer experience and express GRATITUDE. Let me know if you are using WooCommerce and what your experience has been. Do you use thank you pages? How do you show your customers love and thank you?  I’d love to see what you do. Feel free to share in my group here.

Here’s to a day full of gratitude.



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